Real Name:

Daemon King


United States of America: Atlanta, Georgia


Hip-Hip, R&B, Trap, Twerk, New Orleans Bounce


DJ Deliver


The Shdw Corporation



The OG of Atlanta Music has been identified. DJ Hype King is the moniker for, Daemon King, an Atlanta counter-culture impresario and founder of Hype Atlanta, Hype Nightlife and The Shdw Corporation. DJ Hype King cut his chops at quintessential East Atlanta hot spots and chic Atlanta nightclubs.

Crime Mob, Yelawolf, Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Heroes X Villains, Bonecrusher, R.L. Grime, Michael Menert, V.I.C., Ying Yang Twins, DJ Godfather, Swizzymack, DJ Scream, Anna Sia, Mr Collipark, this is just a few of the many artists Hype has organized events with. His secret society of sound has been helping facilitate the latest “Hip-Hop x EDM” movement that has been taking over the World.

As a DJ, Hype King isn’t for the sipping on the same drink all night type who only go out to pose in the outfit they bought two hours ago with the tag still on. No, Hype King is for the b-boys who bust floor moves and for the ladies that get down on the floor then decide it isn’t a question of ‘if’ they’re fucking but ‘whom.’

As a Live Event Producer, Hype King creates diverse party themes using the newest trends with the most formidable talent. His unpredictable party shenanigans have included unexpected celebrity appearances, portable stripper poles with dual dancers on either side of the DJ booth and balloons of cold, hard cash dropped from balloons on New Years Day.

DJ Hype King utilizes his diverse, arsenal of music and his 10 yrs of experience in producing, promoting and performing high energy sweat sessions to create the perfect blend of hip hop, trap, twerk, and remixed top 40. His ability to recognize talent and relentless work ethic have allowed him to collaborate with a wide variety of creative professionals to rock crowds with great vigor and furious energy.