Fuck Culture III // Goldyard

Goldyard is an American, hip-hop, music group consisting of (A.T) from Salisbury, NC (In-Doe) Long Island, NY (Flick James) Los Angeles, CA

There’s a new movement in Atlanta hip hop, fashion shares an equal importance with beats and lyrical content.  For A.T., 1ndoe and Flick James this is old news because they were ahead of the curve and blend in nicely with the current climate yet they still stand apart. It’s hard to miss the fountain of long, curly, black hair flowing from 1ndoe’s head or the gorilla mask concealing the ubiquitous producer, Flick James.  The #everythingsgold aesthetic is evident in everything from the sounds to photos.  Goldyard isn’t just a genre, it’s a lifestyle defined by remaining obviously original and unafraid to change to continue to stand out from imitators.

Over the last five years the group has expanded from a notoriously raucous side project into a trendsetting, musical act, crafting collaborations with the likes of Trindad James, Fabo Williams,Grip PlyazJarren Benton, Cousin Dan and Big Face Paper Gang.  “We’re not Trap music,” says 1ndoe, one-third of the creative juggernaut that is Goldyard. “We’re our own genre.” For Goldyard, that is a sacred assignment, and the trio brings a sophisticated fusion of Indie Rock music—Southern hip-hop and dance music.

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